A guitar player walks into a bar.....

     When Nick Hoen walked into the bar that day he didn't even think he was going to meet his music partner, or his wife but he did. Open Tab's musical journey began with a piano rendition of No Diggity and continued with 3 bands over 100 shows and a marriage! 
       Putting their own twist on covers no song is off limits to be played acoustically. Nicks full rich guitar tone built from years of playing mixed with what the City Pages described as "Carmyn's charismatic presence and confident voice" make it easy for Rebel Yell to rock and Higher Ground to groove .
     Their originals are a great mix of stunning riffs, and clever lyrics. Lyrics are always written from the music. So the music dictates the emotion of the song. While the focus hasn't previously been on performing originals they are now playing them out more and more with great reception, and look forward to starting the journey of writing and recording a full album in the next year.
       Open Tab has performed in restaurants and bars all over the state and are always looking for more opportunities to bring their passion to others. 
If you like what we do, but you need a bigger band for your event or bar you're in luck! We have a full band as well that knows how to keep a dance floor full all night! Check it out HERE